Floral Care


Vita Hydra 2000 – Hydrating Conditioning Solution

Care & Handling of Fresh Cut Flowers 

Opens and unclogs dirt in vascular bundles of flower stem to allow uptake of floral nutrients. Prevents bent-neck and extends vase life.
Mix 2 ounces to 1 gallon of water. Warm water will aid faster hydration, but it is not necessary. Product will mix instantly in any water temperature with no cloudiness or residue.
Recut flowers and place in hydrating solution. NOTE: Some flowers will start to seal up in approximately seven seconds, so recut and put immediately into solution.
Allow flowers to drink 15-60 minutes. Roses may be left in the solution overnight if desired. VITA HYDRA 2000 may be used on all flowers. Excellent for Roses, Gerberas, Sunflowers, Alstroemeria. Particularly beneficial to any flowers which may be prone to bent-neck or shattering.
VITA HYDRA 2000 may also be used full strength as a DIP SOLUTION for quick floral processing.

Vita Flora 2000 – Nutrient Solution

Mix 2 ounces to 1 gallon of water. Mixes instantly in any water temperature.
Remove flowers from VITA HYDRA 2000 solution and put them directly into VITA FLORA 2000 solution. It is not necessary to recut the flowers in this step. Allow flowers to remain in the VITA FLORA 2000 for uptake of nutrients.
Use the VITA FLORA 2000 in all arrangement vases. Also blocks of floral foam can be placed in a bucket or plastic tub with VITA FLORA 2000 solution. This ensures the longest floral vase life to the Consumer.
VITA FLORA 2000 also can be mixed and poured in a clean spray bottle and misted on arrangements, corsages, or wedding work. It also works well on all greens. It is absorbed through the cell surface to hold flowers longer. This eliminates the need for other holding products or sealing sprays.
Change VITA FLORA 2000 solution minimum once a week or as needed to keep it clean and replenish necessary floral nutrients.
Use a white vinegar rinse if a cleaner is required. This will not be caustic to hands or raise the pH of the solution. Swab out the buckets and rinse.

Vita One-Step  – Hydra and Nutra Solution

A true one-step care & handling technique for those who don’t have time to do a two or three step floral processing. A combined hydration and nutrient solution all in one-step. Just re-cut flowers & put into mixed solution.

 drop_ Extend cut flower & foliage quality for longer vase life and satisfied customers
 drop_ Reduce shrink to increase profits
 drop_ Mixes instantly in any water temperature with sparkling clarity
 drop_ No odor, foam or sticky residue
drop_ Decrease floral shattering & ethylene damage without silver
 drop_ Biodegradable & Environmentally Safe
 drop_ Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) adjusts pH to water temperature without buffers
 drop_ Can be used in underwater cutters – won’t clog injector systems
 drop_ Cost effective – makes up to 50% more than other products
For those who still prefer to do a two step process, use VITA HYDRA 2000 & VITA FLORA 2000 for the easiest and best process in the industry
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