Show Low, AZ
September 24, 2001

Dear Bill,

This is in response to your request to review the problem and the solution of the bark beetles that infested and damaged my pine trees.

The problem became evident when some the pine needles on certain branches of 5 pine trees turned brown (like the leaves died). The trees varied in age from 30 to 80 years. I became alarmed and my first contact for help was a State Forester, the Officer in charge of the State Land Department in Pinetop. I asked him to inspect the trees. He did and then he informed me that the condition of the trees was caused by insects called bark beetles (layman’s language). The beetles were living under the bark and were siphoning the nutrients out of the trees. He recommended that I cut and remove the trees from the property. He also suggested that I should consult with Nursery Owner/Chemist, Bill Ruth. He knew Bill had developed a safe nutrient called Vita Planta.

I met with Bill and described the problem. Bill thought that the Vita Planta would assist the trees recuperate, regain strength and emit sap. Bill volunteered Vita Planta and I agreed to document and report the recovery process. I used Bill’s instructions with the Vita Planta and within a short time there was no further damage exhibited by the 5 trees. The total time to full recovery of my trees was several months but the trees all recovered. These are all good healthy trees today.

Another pine tree was starting to turn brown with drooping needles. This tree was sprayed with Vita Planta. This tree is healthy today.

Thanks Bill.

Yours truly,
Tom Lawson









In July of 1991, five Ponderosa Pine trees at the residence of Tom Lawson, Show Low, AZ were infected with the Pine Bark Beetle. The State Forester examined the trees and determined that all of the infected trees had to be removed due to beetle damage. The trees were treated with Vita Planta to bring back the health of the trees until October 25, 1991. All the trees were saved and remain healthy.

“The Vita Planta has really worked well. I haven’t had any losses since I started spraying my trees last year.”

E.K. Collins
Placitas, NM


“All of the pines in my area were stressed. Before I discovered this product I lost over thirty trees. I treated eighteen trees on my property over the past year and all are still alive and growing well.”

John Ortwerth
Placitas, NM



After thirty plus years as an avid vegetable gardener I’m sure that other gardeners can appreciate my dismay when I returned from 3 weeks vacation last year to see my 34 tomato plants at death’s door!
My plant sitter had obviously not watered. Also, as a smoker, I’m sure he was the one who introduced the tobacco mosaic! What a mess!!
Out of sheer desperation, I mixed some “Vita Planta” at half strength and started an every-other-day foliar spraying schedule.
I couldn’t believe what happened. In 10 days the majority of the plants had recovered. Now I didn’t save them all, but we continued to pick tomatoes from the remaining 26 plants until the end of the season!!
After experiencing such results, I think that they should re-name the product and call it “Vita Magic”!!

James A. Dickey
Commander USN (Ret)
US Naval Academy Class of ’56

We have used Vita in Phoenix Greenhouses for over a year. The plant color and longevity is outstanding. Our plants are so healthy that we are a “pesticide free” greenhouse. Vita has also greatly reduced our shrink.

Larry Frausto
Manager-Phoenix Greenhouses, Inc.
Phoenix, AZ


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