Last year we purchased our tree on December 8, 2002 at Rawhide and they offered Vita Christmas Tree and Wreath Preservative. We started using it right away and the tree used a substantial amount of water during the Christmas season – looked great. I decided to leave the tree up until the 7th of January – Epiphany being the 6th and since we’ve been in Spain during their celebration, we look forward to it being the last event of the season.
The morning of the 6th of January 2003, I received a call that my mother had a double brain aneurism and the outcome looked grim. I dropped everything and went to Oregon to be with her. Needless to day, taking down the Christmas tree was not on my priority list, and it finally came down on February 10th. It still was retaining its needles and still looked good even tho’ it hadn’t received any water/solution since the 5th of January. We were delighted and happy that the tree looked as lovely as it did for as long as it was up.
Long story short – My mom has made a full recovery and Dr’s are delighted. She is a walking miracle and started driving in June and is living with a bright future.
So nice to use a product that is as good as promised. Thank you!!
Patti Schuster
Scottsdale, AZ



I would like to take the time to inform you of how much I like your Christmas Tree and Wreath Preservative Product. I have used it at our company for many years. It really helps keep the wreaths and fresh decorations we sell fresh longer.
A couple of years ago I took a small bottle home with me to try out on my personal Christmas tree. I decided to see how long the product would last. So I filled the stand with water and the recommended amount of Vita together and waited to see the results. My husband always wants to leave our tree up until after New Years because of being in the Christmas industry we really don’t get to enjoy our tree until all of our customers orders are filled.
New Years came and the tree was still looking real good. Then I decided to see if it would last until my birthday. People coming to visit would come in our house and see the tree and say “Don’t you know Christmas is over? Then I told visitors that I was leaving it up until my birthday! My birthday is February 10th. They all just said OK? I was getting tired of the tree but it still looked pretty good for being in a warm house. It did start to show some signs of drying but not like I expected. I always use Vita in my tree stand now and we sell it to customers at the tree lots.
Sue Turnbull
L&O Evergreens/Turnbull Evergreens
Tacoma, WA



“Vita Christmas Tree Preservative is outstanding. We used it on a fresh cut tree and kept it in the house until January 3rd (set it up the 2nd week of Dec.), took it down with minimum needles on the carpet – It kept fresh, outdoors in the trash heap for another month. We are sold on this product. Our Church used it for a 22 foot tree, had it up from December 5th until January and had a minimum of needles fall also. This was a white pine tree from the forest. We tried to burn branches of pine trees after they were treated and not one would burn. Our Fire Chief was very impressed and sent people to us when they inquired about a preservative.”
Quincy Flower Corner, Inc.
Quincy, Washington

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