Intellectual Properties

All of the Products viewed on this website have Intellectual Properties which are For Sale at this time. Please complete the Contact Us Page, stating your information and the product(s) or Intellectual Properties that you or your company are interested in purchasing.

The following products are no longer in Production at this time, but the Intellectual Properties are For Sale along with all the products currently viewed on our Vita Products, Inc. Website:

2. ME – 232

Part of a formulation which promotes healing in humans, animals and plants.

  3. Vita Flora Consumer Packs for Fresh Cut Flowers

  4. Vita Flora Fragrance Mist


“The rose fragrance works very well. Does not dry
or mark flowers like the other flower products do since
it contains no alcohol!”

Edelweiss Boutique
Santa Monica, California

  5. Vita Flora Systematic Floral Dyes

  6. Vita-Dri for Dried Flowers – Systematic dried fresh cut flowers

  7.  Cut ‘N’ Dip Quick Hydration Solution

  8.  Vita Water Treatment – VWT is for Certified Sprayers

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