Vita Planta 2000 – Liquid Organic Concentrate For All Plants, Trees,
  Shrubs, Flowers, Seed and Sod

Biodegradable & Environmentally Safe

 * Easy to use watering agent or foliar spray

 * Made from plant extracts

 * Promotes healthy trees & plants

 * “Hydra Boost” – Hydrates to retain moisture content

 * Restores & maintains vitality to plants

 * Optimum seed germination & superior plant growth

 * Aids in transplanting – Reduces shock

 * Greatly reduces the use of fertilizers which add more salts to the soil

 * Reduces antagonisms – consistent application balances soil pH to allow uptake of soil nutrients blocked by salts

 * Approved by Grand Canyon National Park

 * USDA National Organic Program Compliant

 * Non-Toxic to pets or animals – will not harm birds, fish or bees

Vita Planta Pro – Natural Plant and Garden Organic Formulation Professional Concentrate
One gallon makes 256 gallons

Vita Planta 2000 & Vita Planta Pro FAQ’s


What does Vita Planta contain?


Vita Planta is comprised of natural plant materials & extracts in a base solution of sulfonated castor oil. It does not contain any salts to burn plants.


What does it do?


Vita Planta promotes healthy plants and trees. It reduces stress and assists in the plant’s moisture content retention to survive drought conditions.


How long has this product been in use?


Vita Planta has been in use since 1989.


Is the product safe?


Vita Planta is Biodegradable & Environmentally Safe. It is USDA National Organic Program Compliant. It was approved by the Grand Canyon National Park Service for native landscaping. It is non-toxic to pets and animals. Will not harm birds, fish or bees.


Has Vita been tested by an independent laboratory?


The initial Research & Development was conducted by Vita Products, Inc. in their own laboratories. On-going R & D has continued with different types of Growers, Greenhouse Production, Nurserymen, Pine Bark Beetle Research, the Consumer and Vegetation-Soil Restoration after the Rodeo-Chediski Wildfire in Arizona, June 18 – July 6, 2002.


When should Vita Planta be applied?


Indoor Use: Use with every watering for best results. Excellent for all houseplants and reduces petal drop in blooming plants.
Outdoor Use: Use weekly or with each watering for best results. For easy application, use a hose attachment sprayer and spray to the point of runoff. With severe conditions or symptoms, Vita Planta should be applied as often as possible to resume specimen health.
Growers: Vita Planta is highly compatible with other technical materials and will not clog injector or irrigation systems. Vita Agri/VPX Booster may be applied by a Certified Sprayer. Vita Planta is then applied minimum once monthly as a Maintenance Program.


What plants can be treated with Vita Planta?


Vita Planta benefits seed germination, plant seedlings, bedding plants, interior and exterior landscaping plants, trees, shrubs, and turf.



In 1989, as a Landscape & Irrigation Contractor, my company was selected by the National Park Service to install drip irrigation and landscape Indian Gardens in the Grand Canyon. The Government wanted large native plant specimens planted and tagged with Botanical names for all the Hikers to enjoy. Over 950 specimens were brought in by helicopter in an open cage. The trip lasted 30 minutes at a speed of 120 mph. Additionally, it was extremely stressful for the plants to be transported from an elevation of over 7,500 ft. to 3,840 ft.
I used Vita Planta and did not lose one plant. Vita Planta was the only product approved by the National Park Service for use in the Grand Canyon!


Lisianthus grown with Vita Planta. Coolidge, AZ Temp= 114° F.
May 18, 1998 to July 3, 1998
Healthy & Unstressed Plants. Flowers
were later cut & hydrated in Vita Flora




Two year old un-refrigerated Lisianthus seed
germinating in 30 days at 105° FLisianthus will “shut-down”
or will not grow past 87° F.


poinsettias-still-alive-in april

 These poinsettias were brought to Phoenix Greenhouses
Christmas 2002. They are still healthy and ready to bloom again in April 9, 2003. Temp 91° F!




These Poinsettias are in a greenhouse with NO COOLING!
The outside temperature in Phoenix was 109° F.
Note the date – June 3, 2003!

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